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Case Study
February 28, 2024

How PracticePanther reduced customer onboarding time from 2 weeks to 2 days with OneSchema

PracticePanther adpoted OneSchema to reduce customer onboarding time from 2 weeks to 2 days

Key Takeaways

OneSchema enabled PracticePanther to…

  • Reduce customer onboarding from 2 weeks to between 2 and 5 days, enabling customers to see value from the product faster.
  • Reduce re-imports from 60% of data migrations to 0%, allowing their onboarding team to scale without adding additional headcount. 
  • Save the data migration team between 5 and 6 hours of manual work per import. 

PracticePanther is a cloud-based Law Practice Management software solution that offers case management, time tracking, billing, client intake, and payment processing to enable lawyers to automate their practices. By adopting OneSchema for data onboarding, they were able to scale their customer onboarding process and improve data quality.

PracticePanther is a part of Paradigm, a group that offers a suite of legal software solutions including Bill4Time, MerusCase, Headnote and TrustBooks.


Legal Practice Management Software is a competitive industry with a number of on-prem legacy incumbents. It can be challenging to convince law firms to switch to modern, cloud-based platforms. A major friction point is convincing them to go through the pain of a data migration.

PracticePanther sees their onboarding experience as a core differentiator against competitors. Since they include complimentary data migration the transition is much lower risk for law firms.

Due to the white-glove data migration experience, customer data cleanup was the primary bottleneck for the onboarding team. On average, it would take 2 weeks for a law firm to get started with PracticePanther, including up to 10 hours of manual data validation. “Data quality is often low in customer’s legacy systems” said Jesus Diaz, Manager of the Data Migration team. “We could spend hours hunting down and reverting a single issue that made it through the import process. We needed a solution that would formalize our data QA process and ensure the data was uniform”.

Furthermore, the onboarding process was not keeping up with PracticePanther’s growth.

“Data onboarding is a core scaling challenge for us, across our entire product portfolio” says Salim Mohammed, Head of Product for PracticePanther, Bill4Time and MerusCase. “Since our growth is accelerating, it’s a problem we wanted to tackle sooner rather than later. At PracticePanther, we wanted to invest in tooling that will scale with us as we grow the business. At Bill4Time, importing timesheets data was a barrier to expanding the usage of existing customers.”


For Mohammed, finding OneSchema was a lightbulb moment. “We were asking ourselves the question: how do we scale onboarding with our current resources, while improving turnaround times for our clients”

Before OneSchema, PracticePanther invested in building tooling in-house, primarily consisting of Excel macros and transformation scripts. Diaz recalls: “The scripts never worked well because our competitors would frequently change their data formats. Our team never had time to manage the scripts and the migrations at the same time. The process kept breaking”.

Mohammed also had concerns about ‘key person risk’ as the manual migration process had a high training overhead. “The process was very dependent on an internal expert familiar with the scripts and macros. Our entire onboarding process would be put at risk if we lost the person with that expertise.”

It was both fast and easy for PracticePanther to implement OneSchema. “After jumping in, template setup only took me about 30 minutes,” said Diaz.

“There were a few key features that really sold us on OneSchema. We love the configurability and flexibility of the product. The ease of use also makes it easy for new hires to get comfortable quickly”


OneSchema has helped PracticePanther stand apart from their competition on a key metric: time to customer value. PracticePanther can now offer data migrations in as little as 2 days, an 85% reduction from their previous workflow.  

OneSchema has also enabled their onboarding team to scale. Diaz reflected on the difference. “Before OneSchema, 60% of our imports would require a lengthy process of re-uploading data into PracticePanther to look for errors. We would spend 5 to 6 hours per migration hunting for issues. With OneSchema we have never had to do a single re-import.

In addition to saving the team time, OneSchema has enabled PracticePanther to improve the quality of customer data. OneSchema’s robust validations and data corrections help the PracticePanther team ensure data is always in the right shape. “The improvement in the customer experience has created a virtuous cycle for us within the legal community” says Mohammed. “For law firms, time is money. When we’re able to improve our customer’s data quality as it moves into PracticePanther it means lawyers don’t have to spend 20 minutes hunting down a client’s correct email or phone number. They tell other lawyers about that experience.”

Paradigm has adopted OneSchema at both PracticePanther and Bill4Time. The team is also planning to adopt OneSchema at TrustBooks.

“We’ve loved our experience working with the OneSchema team” says Mohammed. “They’ve really listened to our pain points and turned around features to solve our challenges. We’ve really felt like a partner on their roadmap - and have felt really good about expanding OneSchema to our entire portfolio of companies”

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