OneSchema filefeeds

Scalable, fully managed
file feed integrations

Reliably and scalably serve legacy or enterprise customers - even if they can only get you data via CSV to an SFTP server

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How it works

FileFeeds streamline recurring data import workflows

1. Set up your validations and transforms

Create a template that enforces how OneSchema will validate and transform your customer’s data.

2. Define your FileFeed source and destination

Provide a source for OneSchema to pull data from and a destination for data after it's been processed.

3. Reject invalid files

Get notified when uploaded files require additional attention before they can be uploaded.

4. Fix errors

View suggested fixes for invalid files and resolve in 1-click.
Reliability and debugging

SFTP integrations that don’t break

Eliminate SEV 0 incidents due to data quality

Every minute your product malfunctions is far worse than violating your SLAs

Debug incidents in minutes instead of days

Pinpoint the source of issues instantly instead of digging through uploaded files one-by-one

Get notified of anomalies immediately

Never spend 2 weeks reverting a bad import again

OneSchema FileFeeds

Eliminate your dependency on engineering for custom integrations: make data pipelines our problem instead of your engineering team

Data normalization engine

Leverage our robust library of prebuilt validations and transformations to save your engineering team hundred of hours
Lightning fast performance for handle files up to 10M records

Error recovery

When an error occurs, immediately send your customer a failed SFTP response code with a link to a UI to correct the issues
Generate custom error reports for your customer or internal team to fix issues
Flexible webhooks to trigger notifications in email, Slack, or monitoring tools


Version control to track changes between each upload
Easily debug issues by tracing the “lifetime of a record”

Pipeline builder

Empower your analysts to build and maintain data pipelines without engineering
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Make data imports effortless and efficient

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