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Product and engineering teams use OneSchema to automate CSV mapping, validation, and transformation.

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Our Platform

Support manual and recurring CSV imports

File feed imports with status
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Embeddable Importer

Launch one-click CSV import in minutes with a single line of code. Our powerful library of 50+ no-code validations and transformations can handle your customers’ messiest spreadsheets.
File feed imports with status
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Unlock new customers immediately by integrating with customers’ CSV exports. Use our record and replay transformations to empower anyone to build custom integrations no-code.
“The initial setup took about a day, and we spent the rest of the week configuring the dynamic templates feature. From there to production was the flip of a switch”
Product Lead
Our benefits

Here's how OneSchema works as your infrastructure for CSVs

Build expressive schemas, no-code
Free the engineering team from spaghetti scripts and debugging regex. Our library of 50+ pre-built data types comes with configurable validations and intelligent transforms.
Guide your user at every step
Your customers shouldn't have to work so hard to import data.
Observe, analyze, and convert
End to end observability on how your users are progressing through an import to ensure every customer has a successful import.
"Our new users are completing the import process 50% more of the time, increasing our activation rates."
Head of growth
Solutions by role

The file import platform for fast growing teams

Accelerate your roadmap
  • Launch a well-designed, fully configurable CSV importer in days, not months
  • Eliminate your onboarding support backlog
  • Focus your engineering sprints on your product strategy
No more edge cases to worry abut
  • OneSchema's CSV parser handles all encodings, delimiters, and file types
  • Normalization library for dates, numbers, addresses, and more
  • Embed with SDKs for React, Javascript, Angular, and Vue
Automate your data pipelines
  • Maintain data quality at the source, by validating messy upstream files
  • Scale your data acquisition strategy with our low-code pipeline builder
  • Performant on CSVs with millions of rows
Security and compliance

You're in good hands

Data retention policy
Configurable data retention policies, default 7 days and programmatically deletable via API.

Data at rest is encrypted with AES-256 bit bank level encryption and TLS v1.2 is used while data is in transit.
Enterprise-ready compliance
OneSchema is SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA compliant with data stored in US data centers.
Flexible hosting
US, EU, CA, and AU region hosting or self hosted deployments based on AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Role based access control
With fine grained access controls, only authorized users can view your schemas and import data.