Import CSV data 10x faster

Spend less time fixing legacy customer data in Excel. Get usable data 10x faster.

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CSVs — the easy way

Never clean a spreadsheet by hand again

Streamline your customer data imports with OneSchema

Never miss an error again

After 15 failed uploads with cryptic error messages, you’re ready to throw your laptop at a wall. Robust error checking is now part of your team's process.

Customer data frustration ends today

Complex data migrations slow customer time to value. Kick messy, error-filled spreadsheets to the curb.

Spend less time in spreadsheets

Your time is valuable: spend it with your customers. Leave the data cleanup to us.

Triple-checking your processes is slowing you down

It's easy to miss a step in a complex data cleaning process -- and even easier for new hires. No more: build every step of your process into OneSchema

Simple, yet powerful

The most powerful data cleaning tool on the market

Fix 90% of errors in a single click

Automatically create a template from a cleaned spreadsheet

OneSchema has the largest library of out-of-the-box validations on the market. Configure your template without writing a single line of code.

Map & Validate Data

Upload and map columns to your template instantly. See all errors in your file. No more spending hours hunting for a pesky error.

Fix Formatting in 1-Click

Eliminate thousands of errors in seconds.

Designed for data cleansing -- OneSchema guides you to 0 errors.

Shareable Error Summaries

Never write an error summary for your customer again. Export an annotated Excel / Google Sheets file explaining all remaining errors


Data Imports Made Easy

OneSchema's out of the box validation library is the most advanced on the market. Leave engineering to building your product, instead of writing data validations.

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Intelligent Name & Address Splitting

OneSchema leverages a machine learning algorithm trained on databases of names and addresses to split name and address columns into component parts (first name/last name or street/city/state/zip code)

Validation API

Write flexible validations against your database or a 3rd party data source

Custom columns

Your customers often want to customize their data in your platform - and it doesn't always fit in the confines of your standard columns.

OneSchema makes it easy to define validation rules that change from customer to customer.


Embed OneSchema in your product for a seamless self-serve upload experience

Large File Column Navigation

Easily explore errors in 100+ column files

Multi-file validations

Validate join keys across files to catch missing references before upload

Security & Compliance

Data security is our priority. GDPR and SOC2 Type II Compliant.

Security and compliance is a cornerstone of our data management philosophy. OneSchema guards customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII) through a rigorous combination of features, capabilities and processes. We are fully GDPR compliant. Contact us to execute a DPA.

Let's streamline your data  team

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