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Scalable file import solutions for your customer's messiest data

Stop manually fixing your customer’s data and start scaling your integrations team.

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The customer experience is 10x better and faster for users to upload their files, fix it on the spot, and validate it instead of doing it manually.

@ Foodics

OneSchema has proven to be more than just a solution—it has evolved into a strategic asset for Streak

Jason Kim
Head of Growth @ Streak

OneSchema has enabled Ramp to make massive improvements to a critical customer file import workflow with very little engineering work.

Rahul Sengottuvelu
Head of Applied AI Platform @ Ramp
the current process is broken

Eliminate your dependency on engineering for custom integrations

Embedded CSV import

Launch CSV import in less than an hour so customers can clean and upload data completely self-serve.

Build FileFeed integrations that you trust

With OneSchema’s prebuilt validations and transformations, stop wasting time writing regexes and brittle scripts.

Eliminate SEV 0 incidences related to data quality

Validate and reject bad data at the source. Send your customer a guided UI to clean and submit their data.

Branding suite

With more than 20+ branding options, make OneSchema look and feel exactly like your product. Read more

Audit logging & API

View records of all customer imports from OneSchema’s import activity logs. Build automations and analytics on upload data with our audit logging API.


Supported languages include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Arabic

Self hosting

Host OneSchema in your own cloud.

Multi-region hosting

Host OneSchema on servers in the US, EU, CA, AU and more.



And there’s more coming

We ship insanely fast. Expect new features monthly.

Feature release timeline

We ship insanely fast. Expect new features monthly.
H2 2021
• OneSchema Workspaces v0 release
• Template experience launch
• No-code validation library
• Date autofixers
• Importer webhook launch
• SSO login
• Find-and-replace
• Export to Excel with highlighting
• Select header rows
• Manage organizations
• Major UI redesign
• SOC2 Type II Compliance
• Workspaces v1 release
• Enum validator
• Dynamic templates
• Manage templates via code
H1 2022
• Embedded importer launch
• Developer dashboard
• Row validation hooks
• Rust architecture work begins
• Column validation hooks
• Validation hooks batch sizes
• Worksheet selection for Excel files
• Access management
• Custom columns
• Mapping UI update
• Column descriptions
• Improved error filtering
• Branding v1
• Javascript SDK + docs
• React SDK
• Updated dev docs
• GDPR Compliance
• HIPAA Compliance
H2 2022
• Rust General Availability
• Default fill columns
• Multi-region hosting
• Branding v2 (Advanced)
• Audit logging dashboard & API
• Angular SDK
• Support for 10M+ row files
• Multi-picklist error resolution
• Skip header row selection pane
• Auto-accept custom suggestions
• Template sandbox
• Picklist mapping
• Intelligent column mapping
• Historical column mapping
• Localization (21 languages)
• Even better error-fixing
• Upload pane customizations (v1)
• SOC 3 Report published
• Errors vs. warnings
• Import via API
• Accept partial imports
• New template configs
• S3 export integration
• Skip panes
• Required vs. optional columns
• Column splits/merge
• Row splits/merge
• Add/delete columns via API
• Nested data support Validation
• API-as-a-service
• Customizations v2
• Self hosting (Enterprise Feature)
• Customizations Dashboard
• Downloadable Excel templates
• Accept clean rows only
• Export to S3
• Fullscreen mode
H1 2023
• Historical picklist mapping
• Resume sessions
• Skip pane 4
• Template overrides
• Additional languages for i18n
• SDK upgraded to 0.3
• New template configurations
• In-memory code hooks
• Events/errors webhooks
• Custom columns renaming
• Auto include unmapped columns
• Headless validation
• Webhook logs
• Improved data validation
• Direct to S3 file transfer
• CA data residency
• AU data residency
Pre-built Transforms and Advanced Validations
• Markdown support in customizations
• JSON object data type validator
• Multi-suggestion support for validation web hooks
• Improved date validators
• Currency symbol validation support
• Better error messages for numbers and currency
• Import metadata via webhook
• Headless validation
• Multi-cell copy and paste
• Review & Finalize pane UI improvements
• String Replacements customization
• Row deletion customization
• Specify expected date formats for template columns
• Custom column support in validation webhooks

Data security is our priority.

Security and compliance is a cornerstone of our data management philosophy. OneSchema guards customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII) through a rigorous combination of features, capabilities and processes.

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Make CSV imports effortless and efficient

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