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Case Study
February 28, 2024

How Streak improved onboarding conversion rates by 50% with OneSchema

Since OneSchema has been fully implemented, Streak has seen significant improvements in import completion rates, activation, and other key metrics.

Will Genesen
Will is a Growth Lead at OneSchema


Streak is an award-winning CRM for Gmail that enables users to seamlessly manage customer relationships, sales, support, and various other business processes straight from the email inbox. Since its inception in 2011, Streak has expanded its global customer base which includes prestigious industry leaders like Opendoor, Uber, Atlassian, and Keller Williams.

Use Case 

As a self-serve business, conversion during the self-serve onboarding flow is critical due to it being a prerequisite for Streak's core metric – activation. As Jasen Kim (Head of Growth) explains, “We define an activation as someone who has viewed a box (opportunity) or pipeline for the 5th time. In order for a user to achieve this, they must first have contact or account data in a pipeline.” 

Example of a Pipeline

During part of the self-serve onboarding process, users are given the option to import existing data into a pipeline via a spreadsheet importer. If users have any issues importing the data, it can prevent them from being able to move forward and achieve the activation metric of 5 pipeline views.

Self-serve onboarding workflow for importing data into a pipeline


Streak felt like its activation rate was lower than it should be, prompting a company-wide initiative to identify and address underlying issues. A thorough examination of the onboarding process revealed user difficulties with the data importing process, directing the team’s focus to this area for improvement.

After hearing about OneSchema on Bookface (YC forum), Jasen Kim decided to look into OneSchema to replace their in-house importer. After an initial evaluation, the Streak team decided to rebuild the importer in-house using Google Sheets in an effort to save costs.  

However, this would prove to be a much greater effort than anticipated.

“It took 2 engineers 2 months to build our new Google Sheets importer"
Streak CRM importer

While the importer was an improvement from the previous version, it still had performance and UX issues. “The importer would break with files over 5k records and our users had expressed confusion around mapping,” shared Jasen.

Ultimately, Jasen decided it wasn’t worth trying to fix all of the issues as it would have taken a ton of effort to improve the performance as well as design resources to build what they needed. “For any feature that you build, it’s rare that you release it to the public and stop developing it,” said Jasen. “With the importer, we spent a lot of time designing and building it, and still had a lot of bugs and feature requests come up in the backlog. Since we didn’t have a dedicated engineer to just work on maintaining the importer, it became clear that we needed another solution.” 

Solution & Result

"Our new users are completing the import process 50% more of the time, increasing our activation rates.”

After reevaluating CSV import options, Streak decided to move forward with OneSchema. “We really wish that we would have moved forward with OneSchema the first time”, Said Jasen. 

Since OneSchema has been fully implemented, Streak has seen significant improvements in import completion rates, activation, and other key metrics. “Our new users are completing the import process 50% more of the time, increasing our activation rates.”

Due to the improved performance and ease of import with OneSchema, users not only had higher import completion rates, but they were also importing more data with each upload. “We have seen a 2x increase in the number of records being imported,” said Jasen. “We expected the records increase to be similar to that of the increased imports (50%), but what we learned is users who were importing data were also now able to import more data.” Jasen attributes this to OneSchema’s ability to handle larger files and the ease of bulk editing data. 

Streaks improved import experience provided by OneSchema also sped up the onboarding process and time to activation. As Jasen highlighted, “the percentage of new users who ran an import within their first 7 days increased by 110%.”

Jasen also praised the capability for customers to review and bulk edit data before importing. “While few customers ever requested for the ability to review and edit data, we have received a lot of positive feedback on features such as find and replace and 1-click fixes.”


Streak's journey with OneSchema has been marked by significant milestones, leading to a remarkable improvement in activation metrics and overall user experience. 

“OneSchema has proven to be more than just a solution—it has evolved into a strategic asset for Streak,” said Jasen.

As Streak continues to grow and launch new features, CSV import will be an integral data ingestion method for their customers. While specific future use cases are still in the conceptual stages, OneSchema will continue to be a critical tool in its arsenal.

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