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Case Study
February 28, 2024

How Foodics Created Seamless Onboarding with OneSchema

See how OneSchema become an essential component of Foodics' cloud-based POS and restaurant management system, enabling them to quickly import customer CSV data and streamline their onboarding process for new restaurants.

Jovian Chen
Jovian is a Sr. Customer Success Manager at OneSchema


Foodics is a cloud-based POS and restaurant management system. The team was facing a number of problems with their existing data importing experience, including the complexity of the process, limitations on file size, and lack of clear instructions on how to fix errors. As they prepared to take on larger clients, data migrations for new customers became a perpetually crucial need in order to give their users a seamless onboarding experience and decrease time needed from their internal team. In pursuit of a more defined solution, they explored a number of options, including building an in-house importer and evaluating various importing tools.

Dana Amer, Senior Product Manager, recalls that “Our old importing experience was very hard for our users to understand; it took too many steps to fix our files. Errors would be sent via email without instructions on how to fix it”, Dana recalls. Foodics users would abandon their imports or come inbound to the support team; the product team knew they needed a better solution.


10x Better & Faster Out-of-the-Box

Building an in-house importer would have taken a significant amount of time and resources, approximately 6 months in-house. OneSchema offered a cost-effective solution that was fully customizable and provided out-of-the-box functionality, allowing Foodics to scale with their customers more easily: “Go-To-Market was definitely faster with OneSchema. The customer experience is 10x better and faster for users to upload their files, fix it on the spot, and validate it instead of doing it manually."

OneSchema Advantages

For a seamless onboarding experience, the auto-formatting fixes and language support of Arabic were important selling points. Dana recalls that having the template and the customizations resulted in a smooth developer experience because anyone could set up validations or customizations and didn’t need to waste engineering time to make changes. OneSchema stood out from other competitors on their performance for large files, easy-to-embed experience, and the ability to fully brand and embed the tool within Foodic’s system. “With OneSchema, we have it fully branded and fully embedded within the system so it doesn’t feel like an integration." For Foodics, the advanced branding suite was an essential feature since it allowed them to customize font, colors, and overall look and feel of the embedded importer to reflect Foodics’ branding. 

Revamped Onboarding

Since adopting OneSchema, Foodics has seen significant time savings in the data importing process, especially hours of back and forth daily between the Foodics team and their customers. Customers could now easily fix their files, and the unlimited file sizes mean they no longer feel like the process is a pain. Onboarding and support for new customers has also been streamlined, with many customers able to do the import themselves. Internally, the team has seen a positive reaction to the tool, as it has saved a lot of time and made the importing process much easier:  "OneSchema doesn't require training, it's a very straightforward, guided step by step process. Our customers have been reaching out to our support team and saying it’s a really good experience; they’ve been asking us to implement this importing experience throughout our whole platform.”


OneSchema has provided Foodics with a cost-effective, customizable, and easy-to-use solution for their data importing needs. It has become an essential component of Foodics' cloud-based POS and restaurant management system, as it streamlines the onboarding process for new restaurants. As many of their clients come from other POS systems, having to manually enter data can create a poor first impression. However, by using OneSchema, Foodics' clients can easily and quickly import their data, getting their operations up and running without delay. 

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Engineering and product teams use OneSchema to easily build out best-in-class data import capabilities for their customers. Instead of spending months writing data validations and handing CSV parsing edge cases, focus your development resources on your core product development. With minimal engineering investment, improve your customer activation rates and launch better onboarding than your competitors.

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