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Flexible data import solutions for companies of all sizes

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For small teams that want best-in-class CSV import with minimal engineering investment

OneSchema embeddable CSV Importer
Best-in-class data review experience
Customizable errors, warnings, and suggestions
50+ included validation types + custom code validations
No code validation and transformation builder
Shared Slack/Teams channel for support


For companies investing in a platform for multiple CSV import use cases

All features in Starter, plus:
Branding and advanced customizations
Template overrides
External validation webhooks
AI-powered 1-click uploads & guided error resolution
Customer success team
1-business day support SLA


Best for enterprises with complex CSV import needs

Everything in Pro, plus:
Support for 100k+ row files
Custom data retention policy
Observability & reporting
Advanced hosting options (self-hosting, multi-region hosting)
4-hour support SLA
Priority & live support calls with engineering
Dedicated CSM + Deployed engineer

File consumption

Files consumed on an annual basis
Volume tier pricing available

Compare plans

File size
Limit 100K rows
Limit 100K rows
Limit 10M rows

Embeddable CSV Importer

Best-in-class review experience
Support for undo, find & replace, bulk copy/paste, deleting rows. Summary of issues detected in file with 1-click fixes.
Sharable error reports
Export annotated Excel files with detailed explanations of errors
Customizable errors, warnings & suggestions
Customizable UI components for different types of errors
Session resume


Developer environments
Dev, staging, and prod environments for development
3 included
3 included
Developer SDKs
Javascript, React, Angular, Vue
Template changelog
Track changes to your templates
Version control

Export Integrations

S3 & Google Cloud Storage
Webhook (HTTPS)
Frontend passthrough
Batch rows API
Imported files API

Validations & Transformations

50+ no-code data types
Battle-tested validations for all data types. Includes advanced types like custom regex, dropdown lists, and JSON
Custom code validations & transformations
No-code validation & transformation builder
Delimited field support
Custom columns
Allow your customer to add columns during mapping. Validate newly created columns against your data types.
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on

Advanced data validation & transformation

Template overrides
Dynamically add, remove, or customize fields on your template at runtime
Validation webhooks
Validate your spreadsheet against an external database
Fill data via API
Edit & fill data in your spreadsheet from an external database

Customizations Suite

Branding suite
20+ no-code customizations to match OneSchema to your product brand (colors, fonts, border radiuses, custom illustrations)
Full screen mode
Embed OneSchema directly into a webpage or drawer instead of as a popover modal
Text customizations
Customize text to match your brand voice
User education component
Customizable component to provide upload instructions, including a downloadable Excel template
Customizable data submit
Allow your customer to submit only valid data and continue editing rows with errors
Localization support
Support for 20+ languages
+ Add on
+ Add on
+ Add on

AI Bundle

1-click upload mode
Use AI to enable 1-click uploads instead of asking your customer to clean data
GPT-based column matching
Automatically match customer uploaded columns to your schema with GPT
AI automatic error fixing
Automatically fix errors with AI
Guided AI suggestions [coming soon]
Suggestions to guide your user through cleaning data

Security, Compliance, and Hosting

Security Compliance (SOC 2 Type 2, CCPA)
OneSchema meets rigorous standards for security in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availability: SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation, SOC 3 Report, and annual Penetration Tests.
Compliance Addendums (GDPR + DPA, HIPAA + BAA)
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
Custom data retention <7 days
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
Multi-region hosting
Supported regions: US, EU, AU, CA
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on

Observability & reporting

Webhook & import logs dashboard
Webhook & import logs API
Access uploaded files via API
Events listener API
API for triggering workflows (eg logging, notifications) based on actions performed in OneSchema
Custom data retention up to 1 year
Fullstory screen recordings integration
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
LogRocket screen recordings integration
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
Analytic events
Alert & monitoring events

Import via API

Upload files via API
Validate JSON API


Slack or Teams support channel
Support SLA
2 business days
1 business day
4 hours
Implementation support
14 days
30 days
60 days
Deployed engineering
Live support calls
Direct access to engineering

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