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Product Update

What's new in OneSchema September 22’

Learn about OneSchema’s latest features including a new import activity feed, Importer sandbox launch, and upcoming improvements to the Review & Finalize pane. 

Sol Chen

Sol is the Chief of Staff at OneSchema.

January 3, 2023

This month we’re showcasing new features designed to make your users’ experience with importing data easier than ever.

Read on to learn about OneSchema’s latest features including intelligent column mapping, a new import activity feed, and the launch of the importer sandbox. 

Intelligent column mapping

Uploaded columns will be automatically mapped to template columns more often

We’ve improved our column matching algorithm so your users’ uploaded columns will be automatically mapped to template columns during the Map Column pane more often. In addition to mapping columns that have exact column names, OneSchema will also remember historical mappings that your users may have successfully imported in the past. You can learn more about how our mapping intelligence works in our changelog.

Import activity dashboard 

The activity feed can be found in the “Imports” section of your developer dashboard

An activity feed of all successful, failed, and unsubmitted imports are now available to view via the Developer Dashboard. This will let your team review information about the files that are being imported by each of your users. To help your customer success teams easily provide troubleshooting support on failed imports, we’ve also added the option to download the original files uploaded by your users.

Importer sandbox experience

Easily test templates with the new Importer Sandbox

To enhance the template creation process as well as the implementation experience, we’ve released a sandbox of the Importer. This will allow you to see the Importer in action without any additional effort and quickly test new or existing templates with real files.

Skip header row selection pane

The Header Row Selection pane shown above will now be skipped if the row is automatically identified

To streamline the import process, users who upload a file with a header row will now skip the Header Row Selection pane and be taken directly to the Map Column pane. Header rows are automatically identified based on a number of criteria. To learn more about how we identify the header row, visit our changelog here.

Picklist mapping

Picklist values can be specified for each template within your Developer Dashboard

Your users will now be prompted to map their picklist values to the set of values that you specify within a template. Picklist mapping will help eliminate any unrecognized, undesired, or incorrect values from being in the imported data.

Upcoming: Guided Error Fixing 

OneSchema will offer customers helpful, contextual suggestions for fixing issues

We’re very excited to announce our most requested feature: guided error fixing. In our beta tests, offering helpful suggestions for resolving errors has driven substantial uplift in import conversion rates. These upgrades include:

  • Error Fix Suggestions: OneSchema will offer suggestions to your customer to fix errors, contextualized to the type of error your customer is encountering.
  • Navigate to column with errors: When clicked in the issues summary, OneSchema will now pull the column with issues directly into view.

Bulk deleting rows:

  • Delete all rows with errors: OneSchema now contextually surfaces the option to delete all rows with errors, allowing customers to progress in their import workflow. Alternatively they can “Export to Excel” to get a summary of their errors.
  • Delete selected rows: “Delete selected row(s)” button when selecting rows will be shown to users

We are also launching usability improvements based on customer feedback:

  • Issues Sidebar: Issues summary sidebar will no longer obstruct the last few columns in the sheet. Instead, it will appear inside of the spreadsheet view.
  • Better filtering: Updates to the error filtering UI to appear more clickable and more clearly communicate filter actions. 

We’ll begin rolling these changes out to Importer beginning September 15. This will not require any action from you.

As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes! Please feel free to share feedback by reaching out to We'd also love to keep in touch on LinkedIn.

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