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Product Update

What's new in OneSchema November 22': Partial Imports, new API features

This month we’ve launched updates that give your users more clarity about their import, enables more options for template creation, and makes exporting large files significantly more performant.

Sol Chen

Sol is the Chief of Staff at OneSchema.

January 3, 2023

We've been working hard on new product features to help your teams seamlessly handle customer data, and we’re very excited to share them with you! 

This month we’ve launched updates that:

  1. Give your users more clarity about their import at the end of the Review & Finalize step
  2. Enables more options for template creation and makes the process even easier for your team
  3. Makes exporting large files significantly more performant

Read details about each feature below. 

Accept clean rows only

A new modal has been added to the end of the Review & Finalize pane that allows you to accept only rows without errors. For use cases where you’d like to get as much data in as possible but ingesting all of the user’s data isn’t critical, this is a great option to increase your import conversion rates. 

The new modal addition:

  1. Allows your user to submit clean rows without having to fix every single error in their data
  2. Gives end users the opportunity to export the remaining errors so they may fix their data in Excel and re-upload it into your system.

Note: This modal will only appear if there are remaining error rows in your end user’s upload when they attempt to import.

OneSchema will still send the final JSON export with clean rows as “records” and error rows as “error_records.” This way, even if your user never returned to clean the rows with the remaining errors, you still have a record of the data not imported. 

New Template Configurations

OneSchema templates just got even more powerful. 

  • With the alternative mappings feature, you can tell OneSchema which mappings you’re expecting to see so that your user won’t have to map them manually. 
  • Use fill default values to automatically fill in empty cells instead of leaving them blank
  • Check out the flexible options on our data type validations that let you validate everything from digits after the decimal to excluding special characters. 

We've also redesigned the template column creation modal to better organize all the different data validations options and to make template creation easier for you.

Export to S3

OneSchema webhooks let you send data to your ingestion endpoint but can be slow for very large files. 

Now, OneSchema can put your exported file into an S3 bucket, where you can retrieve it as JSON or CSV. This makes exporting large files far more performant.

To enable this new feature, a new OneSchemaConfig has been added: skipExportData. This changes the behavior of the success event (onSuccess callback in React) when not including a webhookKey. Instead of sending all of the data from the list, we will only send the sheet_id. You can then use API v1 to download a file or use our Paginated JSON Get end point.

We recommend this config option for customers who anticipate their end users will upload large files but don’t want them to wait for the file to finish processing before proceeding back to their workflow.

You can learn more about the config in our docs.

Tell us what you think

As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes! Please feel free to share feedback by reaching out to We'd also love to keep in touch on LinkedIn.

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