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Product Update

What's new in OneSchema May 23'

This month features major improvements to the functionality of validations, the Importer UX for your end users, OneSchema's developer experience, and security.

Bobby Zhang

Bobby is the Designer at OneSchema.

May 30, 2023

This month features major improvements to the functionality of validations, the Importer UX for your end users, OneSchema's developer experience, and security, including:

  • Multi-suggestions support for validation webhooks
  • Multi-cell copy and paste
  • Webhook logs
  • CA+AU data residency

Read on to see how each new update can help your team create a delightful data import experience for your customers!

Validation improvements

Multi-suggestions support for validation webhooks

Customers can now choose to return a list of suggestions from a validation webhook. End users will be prompted to select one of the suggestions as a part of the error resolution process. 

Currency symbol validation support

OneSchema’s money data type validation and autofix feature now supports the Pound (£), the Euro (€), and the Yen (¥) currency symbols. 

Expected date formats for template columns

Admins can now specify the particular date format that’s expected for template columns instead of relying on OneSchema’s date detection (which defaults to a month, day, year interpretation). This impacts scenarios where a file’s uploaded date column contains a majority of ambiguous dates, and the format is not MM/DD/YY (e.g. 01/02/2022 can be either January 2nd, 2022 or February 1st, 2022). 

Custom column support in validation webhooks‍

Custom columns can now be supported inside of validation webhooks. Review our updated docs to understand the different use cases, how to set up custom columns, and example JSON POST/responses.

JSON object data type validator

JSON object is newly available as a data type validation for template columns. 

UX Updates

Multi-cell copy and paste

To better support end users with bulk error resolution, we’ve improved our copy and paste functionality on the Review & Finalize pane to enable multiple cell copying and pasting.

Granular Number and Money error message

The error messaging for the Number data type and Money data type has been improved so end users can better understand why the value is invalid and how to fix it.

Markdown support in customizations

To provide further customization of our Upload pane, the optional message box can now be customized using Markdown. Our customers can insert URLs to additional data import resources for the end user. 

Review & Finalize pane UI improvements

We’ve added UI for end users to immediately filter for all rows, only rows with errors, or only clean rows. 

String replacements customization

String Replacements allow you to change the headers and buttons of every step of the importer. This can be helpful if there’s an existing string inside of the importer flow that you feel could be edited to better fit your existing brand (or use case). 

Row deletion customization

For some customers, an end user deleting a row of data prior to import can break their entire flow. We’ve added a customization option that allows you granular control over how and if the end user should be able to delete rows from the Review & Finalize pane.

Developer Experience

Webhook logs 

Users can now see logs of their importer and validation webhooks (up to the past 14 days). This should enable users to better debug their webhooks when they run into errors, and enable your teams to monitor webhook activity.   

Import metadata via webhook

Rather than sending batched rows of data to a customer webhook, sheet metadata can now be sent via webhook. This is significantly faster and also enables you to directly use the metadata to retrieve data via external API (e.g. GET rows for paginated JSON or POST sheets for S3 URL download of CSV/excel/JSON). 

Direct to S3 file transfer

Customers can now instruct OneSchema to send processed files directly to their own presigned URL

Security and Compliance

CA + AU data residency

Customers now have the option of having OneSchema instances hosted in Canada and Australia.

Tell us what you think

As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes! Please feel free to share feedback by reaching out to We'd also love to keep in touch on LinkedIn.

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