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Why startups are choosing OneSchema over Flatfile

Startups pick OneSchema over Flatfile for faster setup times, superior customization options, and a better customer-facing experience.

Christina Gilbert

Christina is the co-founder & CEO at OneSchema.

January 3, 2023

Setup Time


Typical Flatfile implementations take 1+ months as you'll need to write custom code for every validation. Expect your Flatfile implementation to take even longer if you want to use any advanced features. Custom branding or setting up API features will require extensive custom code.


Customers get set up on OneSchema in just 1 day, due to our larger library of no-code validations and transformations. For advanced setup, OneSchema has a pre-built library of configuring settings. Customizing branding or the import workflow in OneSchema is as easy as flipping a switch.



Flatfile has a single one-size-fits all flow for CSV import. You can't disable steps in their 4-step flow or customize any of the behavior. Custom branding options are extremely limited.


OneSchema is a modular system where you can pick-and-choose which steps you show to your customer. Our default flow has the best conversion rates for CSV import across our customer base, but your customers are unique and may have different needs. You can turn advanced features (like custom columns, advanced header row selection, or intelligent mapping) on or off to suit your ideal workflow.

OneSchema also has a branding suite with 20+ options to make OneSchema feel at home in your product.

Automatic Data Fixing


While Flatfile allows you to write custom logic to correct some customer data, it takes a lot of time to implement and won't cover most error cases. Flatfile doesn't support any bulk data cleaning features (like find-and-replace or bulk autofix) or let your customer export their data out of Flatfile, leaving them high-and-dry if they have errors in their data. Their only option is to fix issues one-by-one, which is a nonstarter for more than a handful of issues.


OneSchema has a large library of robust data auto-fixes, such as date conversions, country code conversions, capitalization, money/number normalization, and many, many more. 90+% of your customers issues can be resolved in 1-click. For remaining more complex issues, your customer can export their data to Excel with errors highlighted, making it really fast to correct errors.

OneSchema vs. Flatfile Feature Comparison

A feature by feature comparison of OneSchema vs. Flatfile
A feature by feature comparison of OneSchema vs. Flatfile

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