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OneSchema Raises $6.3M from General Catalyst, Sequoia, and Y Combinator to Make Ingesting CSV Data Magical For Developers

No API? No problem. OneSchema empowers developers to ingest messy data from CSVs without spending months writing custom code.

Christina Gilbert

Christina is the co-founder & CEO at OneSchema.

January 3, 2023
OneSchema founders Christina Gilbert (right) and Andrew Luo (left)

San Francisco, CA - OneSchema is saving software engineers years of development time with their suite of developer tools for ingesting CSV data. The company announced today a $6.3M funding round led by General Catalyst, with participation from Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, Elad Gil and Contrary Capital. OneSchema’s flagship product is an embeddable CSV importer used by developers to launch CSV import capabilities in a day, instead of months of development time. 

OneSchema makes it 10x faster for developers to integrate with CSV data sources. It’s a common challenge for developers, as many software platforms only become useful when they’re able to integrate data from other key business applications. For example, compensation planning software needs to integrate data from payroll systems, or carbon emissions tracking software needs to integrate data from an ERP. While many systems support direct integrations, there’s a long tail of tricky scenarios where direct integrations are not possible or too costly to build. For example, a customer may not want to give a system access to their ERP or have a custom-built payroll system that is too difficult to integrate with. Without the possibility of a direct integration, companies either lose out on the value of their siloed data or are forced to contend with the lowest common denominator of data transfer: CSV files. 

“10 years ago, we might have predicted that all data integration would be possible via API,” said Co-Founder and CEO Christina Gilbert. “But it turns out there are a lot of persistent reasons why nearly all companies have to transfer data via spreadsheets. Security concerns, custom legacy systems, export limitations, and more force companies to build custom tooling to ingest spreadsheets. Unfortunately, CSV is a notoriously difficult format to work with, as the format is flexible and errors are easily introduced. With OneSchema, we allow developers to detect and surface errors to users, making previously unusable data easily accessible”. 

OneSchema’s flagship product is an embeddable CSV importer that allows product and engineering teams to save months of development time. OneSchema automatically detects and helps correct errors in the data during the import process, so that data is both easier to ingest and higher quality. OneSchema is used by more than 50 companies worldwide, including Cloud 100 Startups like Scale AI and publicly traded enterprises like Huron Consulting Group (NASDAQ: HURN). “Taking months of time to build out a robust CSV importer was not an option given competing business priorities.” said Dominic Kwok, CTO of Heron Data. “We were able to easily implement OneSchema in just one day, and what used to be a point of weakness in our UI is now one of our strengths.”

“We are continuing to invest in features that make the process of automating spreadsheet imports as easy as possible,” said Co-Founder and CTO Andrew Luo. “Our company vision is to be the leader in ‘long-tail data integration,’ so that no software engineer ever has to build custom software to ingest spreadsheet data again. With this fundraising round, we will continue to make substantial investments in our engineering team. Our focus is on our core technology: system performance, error detection, error resolution, and automation.”  

OneSchema’s financing round also includes participation from Box Group, Comma Capital, and Xoogler Ventures, as well as unicorn founders Wade Foster (Founder, Zapier), Steve Bartel (Founder, Gem), Julianna Lamb (Founder, Stytch), Dennis Steele & Eric Rea (Founders, Podium), and Deepika Bodapati & Tanay Tandon (Founders, Athelas). OneSchema is advised by top Silicon Valley operators including Liat Bycel (VP of Sales, Airtable), Kate Taylor (Head of Recruiting and former Head of SMB, Notion), Maggie Hott (Director of Sales, Webflow), and Alexandru Antihi (Former VP of Design at Two Sigma). 

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