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Meet the team: Kasey, SDR intern

Meet Kasey, an SDR intern at OneSchema, working on the GTM team.

Sol Chen

Sol is the Chief of Staff at OneSchema.

January 3, 2023

Meet Kasey!

Hi! I'm Kasey. I'm an SDR intern at OneSchema, working on the GTM team. We work on software that automates processes that are traditionally painstaking, manual, and repetitive—which allows businesses to focus on the work that matters. I am part of the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society and currently finishing my last semester at the State University of New York at Oswego. I will be graduating in December with a bachelor of science majoring in business administration.

Tell us about your internship at OneSchema

So far, I have worked with the CEO and Chief of Staff to help complete sales and marketing projects. I started off at OneSchema doing sales development work such as prospecting, qualifying leads, building target account lists, and working with the CEO to craft successful outreach campaigns via digital channels. 

I expressed interest in the marketing side and recently started working on that team as well! I have always had an interest in both marketing and sales, so I love that I can do both roles here. 

What made you realize this was the right internship for you?

OneSchema stood out to me when I was looking for internships for copious reasons. My main priority was to find an internship opportunity where I could learn more about b2b sales. OneSchema was looking for an intern that was excited to learn and willing to implement feedback from the program.  

I knew I wanted to get into tech sales and OneSchema provided me with a great entry point as well as a learning opportunity around the tech industry. I love attending our weekly GTM + product, sales, and marketing meetings because I always learn something new whether that be vocabulary, processes, strategies, or other startups like Dalle2 (coolest one so far)! Our team definitely has an appreciation for other startups + YC companies and it has been very cool to learn more about what other companies are building. I definitely have a deeper appreciation for startups after interning here because I see how hard the team works to build the company up!

Why are you excited about OneSchema’s mission or product?

OneSchema’s product is a CSV importer that helps businesses decrease their customer onboarding time. The product provides endless benefits and solutions to businesses, which I believe will drive its success. OneSchema has a lot of opportunities to grow, and I’m excited to be a part of it! 

What is your favorite hobby outside of work? 

My favorite hobby outside of work is traveling! So far, I’ve been up and down the east coast and spent some time driving down the coast of California. Oh, and I weirdly ended up in Kansas City once.

I very much enjoy using credit card rewards and perks to travel for free - Sol can vouch for me on this one! I recently got my passport and I am looking forward to planning international trips once I graduate from college this December. 

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