Save Time

Stop wasting engineering time building SFTP integrations for each customer

Reduce engineering cost for integrations by 10x

You know exactly how expensive your engineering team is. Writing python scripts to convert CSV data shouldn’t be in their job description.

Implement customers without being blocked by engineering

Waiting for engineers to build custom integrations is slow. Don’t block customer onboarding on backlogged engineering tickets.

Scale your data engineering team

Set yourself up to scale your customer base quickly - without having to compromise on onboarding experience.

how it works

Create a fully functioning data pipeline, just by cleaning a starter file

Step 1: Define your target data schema

Use OneSchema’s extensive validation library to define your data model.

Step 2: Non-technical team member cleans a starter file

Upload a sample file, and OneSchema will detect the issues in the data based on your validation rules. Clean the file, and OneSchema will generate transformation rules to clean future files.

Step 3: Ingest CSV files on a recurring basis

Send future files to OneSchema for automated validation & transformation into your data format. Transparent and traceable pipelines enable your team to audit the data and quickly identify issues.