Empower your non-technical team members or your customers to build and maintain spreadsheet integrations


Automate recurring spreadsheet imports

Let us streamline and maintain your import experience, so your engineering teams can focus on the rest of your roadmap

Never lose a customer over a missing integration

There’s a long tail of systems your customers wish you integrated with. If you can export a spreadsheet, OneSchema can build an integration.

Build and maintain integrations without looping in engineering

Your engineering team is wasting valuable time writing custom CSV ingestion scripts. OneSchema empowers your non-technical team to build CSV integrations.

Built in feedback loop for error-handling

Spreadsheet pipelines are prone to errors. Send through clean data, and notify your customer or support team of issues.


Let us take care of the details

We built features to handle complex customer data so you don’t have to.

State-of-the-art validation framework

Our pre-built validations instantly fixes annoying formatting errors. Leverage our webhooks to build any custom validation on top of it.

Modular components

From importing to transforming to exporting, OneSchema offers a suite of components for you to custom build into your workflow.

Human-in-the-loop workflows

Get notified when data imports require your assistance in Slack, Zendesk, or wherever you get work done.

Customizable column mappings

Define your own column mapping rules to automatically match imported datasets to your schema.

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