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Product Update

Announcing OneSchema Headless

Build recurring CSV imports 10x faster with OneSchema Headless.

Christina Gilbert

Christina is the co-founder & CEO at OneSchema.

February 17, 2023

Since we’ve started building OneSchema, one of the deepest pain points we’ve seen in our customer base is building and maintaining recurring spreadsheet import workflows. 

Expensive engineering teams have to write brittle scripts to ingest the data, and spend countless engineering months maintaining validations to make sure all customer data is being imported correctly. 

In the case of a failure, it’s extremely painful for the technical team to track down the root cause of the failure, and all the while the customer is frustrated because their data isn’t up-to-date in your product. 

Today, we’re announcing the beta of our new product line: OneSchema Headless. OneSchema Headless empowers engineering teams to leverage OneSchema’s mapping, validation, and error resolution capabilities to painlessly build custom integrations with a wide variety of data sources, like SFTP/S3 file drops, CSV email attachments, messy API data, and more. 

We currently support 3 primary use cases:

1. SFTP/S3 integration builder

OneSchema handles all the tricky parts of validation and error resolution so your team doesn’t have to

Many of our customers receive data via a recurring batch CSV export from their customers to a shared SFTP folder. Unfortunately, the data is never quite in the right format - and they’ll have to staff an engineering team to write validation logic and transformation scripts to put the data into the right format. 

Even then, the CSV data often changes and the engineering team is burdened with resolving the errors and maintaining the pipeline. 

OneSchema headless saves engineering teams the time and effort of writing and maintaining a validation library, since our platform supports a large library of no-code validations and automatic error corrections. 

Depending on the errors we detect, OneSchema also offers tooling to help resolve data issues when validation fails, reducing the workload of your engineering and support teams from dealing with frustratingly broken validations. We can send you (or your customer) an annotated Excel spreadsheet explaining the issues, or we can surface the errors in an embedded OneSchema UI. 

2. External CSV API builder

Your customers are asking to send you data via CSV, but you don’t currently support accepting CSV data to your external API. You’d love to launch the feature, but it’s looking like quite a lot of engineering work. 

A huge part of the work in building an external API is validating that the data received is in the correct format. OneSchema Headless makes it super easy to launch an external API to receive CSV data. You can leverage OneSchema for the validation logic and additionally not need to deal with any CSV parsing logic.  

Send your errors into OneSchema, and receive a reply annotated with the issues in the data received, which you can send back through to your customers as an error response. 

3. Headless Validation & Mapping

It’s common for customers using OneSchema importer to additionally want to validate data in other places in their product. Perhaps data can be updated in bulk in your product - and you don’t want to re-write all the validation logic you already have inside of OneSchema. 

Send your data into OneSchema and we’ll send you a JSON response annotated with any issues we’ve found with your data. 

OneSchema can also be used to support recurring mapping workflows. Say each of your customers sends you data to an SFTP folder, but each customer has their own headers that must be mapped to your headers. 

OneSchema supports a no-code UI allowing your support team to configure the headers once and have them correctly mapped for all future uploads. Our powerful mapping algorithm can also be tuned to accept inexact matches.

In cases where mappings cannot be applied, OneSchema can trigger an error response to allow your support team to debug and fix the issue, without having to get engineering involved. 


OneSchema Headless includes the core features of OneSchema Importer, with a few important additions:

  • Recurring import support OneSchema can now remember previous imports and accept new imports via API, instead of a drag-and-drop CSV uploader. 
  • Mapping API Use OneSchema to remember and suggest mappings during automated import flows. Your internal team or end customer can configure saved mappings using the OneSchema mapping UI component. 
  • Flexible error resolution In the case of errors, we can send you an annotated error file, trigger a webhook containing error metadata as JSON, or send the data to a UI component explaining the issues. Build flexible error resolution workflows tailored to your customer needs. 
  • Mix-and-match components OneSchema Importer is a linear CSV import experience, but with OneSchema Headless, you can design more flexible experiences leveraging individual components of the upload flow (such as the mapper or the error resolution step).

We’re just getting started building out the full power of OneSchema Headless. If your engineering team is struggling with CSV import, we’d love to chat - Request a Demo or reach out at

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