Import customer CSV data 10x faster

Scale your onboarding team. Spend less time fixing legacy customer data in Excel. Get usable data in your product 10x faster.

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CSVs — the easy way

Never clean a spreadsheet by hand again

Streamline your customer data imports with OneSchema

Error Detection

After 15 failed uploads with cryptic error messages, you’re ready to throw your laptop at a wall. OneSchema flags bad data that’ll cause an error on upload. 

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1-Click Data Fixes

No more guessing and copy/pasting: OneSchema reformats your data in a single click.

Address Validation

Instantly validate and correct address data.

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Validation Library

Don’t waste engineering’s time writing scripts to check your data. OneSchema’s comes with hundreds of pre-configured validation rules. Set up your data model in minutes.

Zero Implementation 

No implementation required. Export cleaned data as a CSV. Or, integrate with our API to pull data directly to your system. 

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Let's streamline your data onboarding team

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